Two missing girls from Hubballi traced in City

Two missing children from Hubballi have been found in the city on Tuesday morning. The children were spotted outside the City Railway Station by an autorickshaw driver who took them to the Mandi Mohalla Police Station.

According to the police, 10-year-old Jhansi and 5-year-old Shruthi were missing from Keshwapur in Hubballi and missing complaints had been lodged by their families. On Tuesday, at around 6:45 am, an auto driver spotted the children loitering clueless in front of the railway station.

When the auto driver questioned the children, they told him that they wanted to go to the Mysuru Zoo and visit the Mysuru Palace. He then told the children that he would take them to the places and made them sit in his auto and straight away took them to the Mandi Police Station.

When the police asked the children about their whereabouts, they revealed that they hailed from Hubballi and had boarded the Hubballi-Mysuru train that left the Hubballi station on Sunday night and had reached Mysuru on Tuesday morning from Bengaluru. They named their father as Sanjay and told the police that they were from Tamil Nadu and settled in Hubballi.

Police speak to them asking about their whereabouts

The children told the police that they had heard a lot about the Mysuru Zoo and the Palace from their friends and had boarded the train. “A couple of days back our friends had come to Mysuru along with their families and they had told in the school that the Mysuru Zoo and the Mysuru Palace were beautiful. We wanted to see them,” Jhansi told the police.

Mandi Police Inspector Talawar then contacted the Keshwapur police station and the cops there told him that Jhansi and Shruthi were neighbours and were missing from Sunday and their parents had lodged missing complaints. The Keshwapur police then informed the parents of children who are rushing to Mysuru in a car.

Jhansi and Shruthi have been sent to Balamandira and have been provided food and rest.

Inspector Talawar appreciated the gesture of the auto driver who spotted the children in front of the railway station. “Though the auto driver did not reveal his identity, we are thankful to him. Most of the children missing from homes, especially girls, get into wrong hands and child traffickers. It is the duty of the civil society to protect the children,” he said.

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