Two special flights to bring back stranded Indians from Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Prime News, National and International, New Delhi, May 5:- The Government of India will operate two special flights from United Arab Emirates to India on May 7, for those Indians who have been stranded in distressed condition due to the spread of the global coronavirus pandemic.

Evacuation of the stranded Indians to different destinations in India will happen in a phased manner.

In a press statement, Consulate General of India in Dubai said that there will be one flight from Abu Dhabi to Kochi and the other from Dubai to Kozhikode on May 7 to evacuate the Indians who have been stranded in UAE for various reasons.

The statement further said that passenger lists for both these flights will be finalised by the Embassy of India, Abu Dhabi and the Consulate General of India, Dubai, on the basis of registrations in the Embassy/Consulate database for this purpose launched a few days back.

Priority will be given to workers in distress, elderly people, urgent medical cases, pregnant women as well as to other people who are stranded in difficult situations.

The cost of the tickets and other conditions, for travel including quarantine requirements after reaching India, and health requirements to board the flight will be conveyed in due course and will have to be accepted by each passenger.

The press statement further said that the embassy/consulate will convey the details of further flights to different destinations in India in the coming days. The process for finalisation of the passenger lists for other flights will remain the same.

Almost two lakh people have e-registered themselves with the Indian Missions in the UAE to go back to the country in the last few days. The press statement said that it will take time for all the people to be accommodated on these flights.

The first two flights are likely to cater to approximately 360 people.Earlier, Government of India said that stranded Indians abroad will be evacuated in a phased manner.

Amidst the global pandemic, the first evacuation flight is expected to take off on May 7, where there will be one flight from Abu Dhabi to Kochi and the other from Dubai to Kozhikode .

The embassy/consulate is in the process of contacting the people on the passenger lists directly through email/telephone. The list is being made from people who had earlier e registered on the website of the Indian Missions in UAE. Maximum numbers of people have registered from Kerala.

The medical screening of passengers would be done before taking the flight. Only asymptomatic passengers would be allowed to travel. This list will be given to Air India and they will issue the flight ticket on payment basis.

More flights to other destinations are also likely to be scheduled soon and will be informed to people through various social media platforms. (Inputs: Agencies, NGB)

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