Two traders assaulted; robbed of Rs 2 lakh

Two traders who were returning home from APMC Yard after their daily business were robbed of Rs 2 lakh by bike-borne miscreants on the Ring Road near JP Nagar late on Saturday night. The victims were assaulted and abandoned on the road. They were later admitted to a private hospital by some passers-by who saw them injured on the road.

According to the victims Sharath and Veeresh, they were returning home from their shop at the APMC Yard where they traded goods. It was a daily practice for them to carry cash back home every day. On Saturday night, they settled they accounts for last week’s business and left the shop on their bike at around 11 pm.

As they reached the Ring Road at around 11:30, a bike approached them from the opposite side. The youths on the other bike flashed bright headlights on the faces of Veeresh and Sharath. Confused for a moment, the duo lost control over the bike due to the bright light. Seizing the opportunity, the youths on the other bike assaulted them with wooden logs.

The cash bag that contained Rs 2 lakh was snatched and the victims were pushed by the side of the road. In their statement to the police, Veeresh and Sharath said that they were assaulted badly as the criminals had come prepared with wooden logs.

“We were on the road till 3 am when some passers-by spotted us injured on the road. We sought their help and they admitted us to the hospital,” they said.

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