Two women conferred Rotary Midtown’s Venus Shramajeevi Award

Recognising the hard work of those struggling to make a living in the harsh environ­ment of a city, Rotary Mysore Mid-Town conferred Rotary Midtown Venus Shramajee­vi Award upon 66-year-old Gowramma, a tender coconut vendor, and Sakamma, 45, a domestic worker, at Rotary Centre here on Wednesday.

Mayor B L Bhyrappa feted them with the awards and ap­preciated them. Lauding their commitment to nurture their children as a single parent, he noted that every work has its own dignity which should be recognised, he added.

The mayor stressed on the dignity of labour and highlighted it by quoting that our own Prime Minister Nar­endra Modi once sold tea at the railway station.

“It is an example which shows that with grit and de­termination one could ac­complish anything in life,” he added.

He noted that earlier people who did hard labour were occupation owing to inferiority complex. Branding people based on their occupation is a tendency in our society which is debilitating and needs to be eradicated.

“We have to herald a change by recognizing those who work hard and raise their family. We should recognise the humane nature in all and treat people with fairness,” said Mayor Bhyrappa.

The mayor requested all to join hands with the Mysuru City Corporation in the clean­liness drive and ensure the heritage city turns into plas­tic free zone. He appealed to the people to opt for cot­ton bags instead of plastic covers.

After receiving Venus Sh­ramajeevi Award, tender co­conut vendor Gowramma emotionally expressed her past days where she strove to educate her son after her husband passed away.

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