Udayagiri govt hospital the other name for corruption

Mysuru, May 25:- Government hospitals are basically for the poor and the services offered are also free. But it is not the case in some of the government hospitals. Government hospital in Udayagiri is setting an example on how to fleece money from the poor.

With no one to question them, doctors and the staff alike are openly demanding from the poor patients. For every bottle of glucose, it is Rs 60. Doctors and staff shamelessly demand money. Otherwise, they would not offer their services.

Government hospitals have been set up to treat the needy free of cost. What is happening at Udayagiri government hospital is disgusting. People of the area want to know if these hospitals are for the poor or not. When such practices are being followed very much under their nose, concerned higher-ups are only warming their chairs without bothering to take action against the guilty.

(MR, RV)



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