‘Udbhava Bhushana’, a festival for young budding talents in Bharatanatyam

The cultural wing of Bhushans’ Academy of Performing Arts & Visual Presentation, Mysuru will be presenting a unique festival for young budding talents titled ‘Udbhava Bhushana’ on August 6 at Kalamandir.

The event will be inaugurated by acclaimed dancer couple Badari Divya Bhushan and Dr Anjana Bhushan at 5:45 pm.

Bhushans Academy of Performing Arts and Visual Presentation was formally started by ‘Bhushans’ in 2005 in Mysuru, known for its rich art and culture. Both Bhushan and Anjana impart the knowledge of the divine art form of Bharatanatyam to the aspiring students and give them ample opportunity to exhibit their potentials and get noticed in the various group presentations which is very rare in the present day dance scenario. 

The main motto of this academy is to spread the art to the new generation and help the younger crowd develop a liking towards the Indian art and culture. The dancer couple from Mysuru, keeping Bharatanatyam as base, have produced many fabulous contemporary pieces for presentation. Academy productions are manifestations of thought provoking, mythological as well as contemporary themes wherein each piece is a vibrant, scintillating presentation filled with energy and symmetry. Badari Divya Bhushan and Dr Anjana Bhushan have transformed many students from being stark beginners to able performers.

Artists performing for Udbhava Bhushana:

Anjana Suresh Kumar, daughter of Meena and B K Suresh Kumar, studying in class 6 at Christ Public School, Bogadi, started learning Bharatanatyam from Bhushans’ since last 2 years. She is also learning music and is very good in academics and has completed Abacus course securing 2nd rank.

Anupama Rao, an employee of State Bank of Mysore, started her journey in Bharatanatyam under the guidance of Bhushans’ in 2014. In addition to dance, she has got a passion for singing and has performed at various events. She is married to Ramakanth V Rao, an employee of BEML.

Devika G Gowda, daughter of Sudha and Girish is studying class 9 at Delhi Public School. She started learning Bharatanatyam from Bhushans’ since 2014. She is getting trained in music and is passionate about sports.

Shamitha K P, daughter of Poovaiah K C and Bhavani C N is studying class 5 in Vijaya Vittala Vidyashala, Saraswathipuram. She has passion towards dance and is learning Bharatanatyam since 2 years from Bhushans’. She is also learning classical music.

Neha Pramod, a talented budding dancer, is the daughter of Shalini and Pramod P R and is learning Bharatanatyam under the guidance of Bhushans’. She is studying class 8 at D A V Public School. She has performed at various National Dance festivals with her Gurus and has donned several mythological characters in Academy’s group productions.

Bhoomika R is the daughter of Sneha and Raghavendra Prasad and is studying in class 6 at Royal Concorde International School. She is the disciple of Bhushans’ from one year and has finished her kin kini pooja and has performed at several prestigious festivals with her Gurus. She holds vast interest in music, arts, crafts and sports.

Divyasree M H, a young budding dancer is the daughter of Yashoda and Harish Kumar who started her initial training from eminent Bhushans’ in the year 2011. She performed her kin kini pooja in 2012 and has won several state and national competitions and scholarships. She was also selected for National Balashree Award and has also performed with her Gurus.

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