Udyogakkagi Yuvajanaru has a question for PM Modi on job creation

Mysuru, April 25:- Udyogakkagi Yuvajanaru on Wednesday said that it would remind the Prime Minister Narendra Modi about his promise on creating crores of jobs if the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was voted to power.

“BJP had promised that it would create two crore jobs if it comes to power. Instead of creating employment, the government has brought threat to the existing jobs. We have given a manifesto to all the political parties. But they have all neglected it. We have written a letter to the Prime Minister regarding employment generation. If we don’t get his response, we will question him during his visit to Karnataka on May 1,” said the convenor of the organisation, Mutturaj at a press meet held at Mysuru Press Club.

Sarovar, Pushpa, Asadulla and Somashekhar were present. (MR/KMR).

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