UGC chairman Prof Ved Prakash visits RIE Mysuru

‘Higher Education is extremely critical in the growth of the nation and individual social and economic aspirations,’ said Prof Ved Prakash, chairman of UGC, New Delhi,.

Addressing the faculty and students of Regional Institute of Education (RIE) Mysuru, at the Audio Visual Hall of the Technology Block, here on Friday,  he said that higher education should ultimately create a civilised  egalitarian  society and in this direction all out efforts needs to be done. 

Prof Prakash called upon the students to make a plan for themselves and lead a life of a disciplined soldier. Students should grow well as good human beings. “Students must practice right kind of values and contribute for the welfare of the society. In life students should try to identify people better than themselves and learn the art of handling them, and then they will become your mentors,” he added.

Concentration in work is of utmost importance and never students should digress, said Prof Prakash and added that a strong will and determination are needed to overcome difficulties in life to become an efficient human being. “Students should be free from worry and anxiety.” 

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