UGC de-recognition: KSOU might lose Rs 80 cr

“The Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) incurred a loss of Rs 60 crore in the year 2015-16 due to the cancellation of recognition by the University Grants Commission (UGC). If the UGC does not give its recognition to KSOU, this year we incur a loss of Rs 80 crore,” said Vice Chancellor of the KSOU, Prof D Shivalingaiah in his letter to the President of UGC, Prof Ved Prakash.

In his detailed letter, Prof has Shivalingaiah explained the cascading effect the move will have on KSOU if it is not allowed to enrol students.

“When the UGC invited us for a discussion on issues pertaining to KSOU,  Registrar and I attended the meeting on August 23. We have given proper explanations to the questions posed by the UGC along with evidences. But still we haven’t received any positive response from the UGC. Due to this, KSOU is still in a dilemma regarding giving admission to students for the year 2016-17,” he explained.

“There is 91 teaching and 536 non-teaching staff in KSOU. A lot of money is spent on their salaries and allowances. The KSOU campus is well equipped with administrative office, library, canteen, engineering section, guest house, post office, bank, auditorium and science section.  But these seem to be of no use now,” he said.

“KSOU has 21 regional centres all over the state. Around 121 colleges are affiliated to KSOU. Staff working at different centres  have become jobless now. Economically and socially backward students dependg on the KSOU for higher education. Students and other organisations are pressurising the university to restart the courses. Taking all these things into consideration, the UGC should grant permission to KSOU to restart the non-technical courses,” Prof Shivalingaiah pleaded.

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