UGC should act

The KSOU Mysore has done tremendous work in improving the education of so many students of Karnataka  but unfortunately on account of some technical reasons, the UGC has disrupted its works by cancelling its affiliation until further orders. While many poor students are eagerly waiting to join the KSOU once the UGC says ‘yes’ as there are no avenues to study for those who cannot take up regular colleges. The UGC should understand the position and try to speed up the process and allow the KSOU to start admissions without any further delay. Apart from the KSOU, the University of Mysore (UoM), which has its own reputation, can also start a distant education centre and help the under-privileged  new students to take up their education for improvement of their career immediately. As the buildings of KSOU are already available, they can  make their attempts to improve the situation and help the deprived student community. As any efforts for providing avenues for education is bound to improve the economic development of the society in the form of empowerment. I am sure it will receive a positive response from the UGC.  

KV Ramanath, Mysuru

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