UN sets goal to eliminate tuberculosis by 2030

“United Nation has set an aim to eliminate Tuberculosis by 2030,” said former Director General, CSIR Samir K Brahmachari.

He was addressing the gathering at the 85th annual meeting of Society of Biological Chemists (India) at CFTRI premises in the city on Monday. He said: “With an intent to eradicate tuberculosis by 2030, from past couple of years, a lot of research is going on for drugs. One third of tuberculosis patients suffer from various cardiac problem. To address these problems, a few drugs have been ready that are actually helping to cure tuberculosis but in days to come there will be better medicines to cure tuberculosis. Not only tuberculosis but also for other diseases that includes arthritis, cancer, asthma and communicable diseases, a lot of research has being done. Though there is increase in life expectancy there is gradual decline in quality of life”.

“Increase in computing capabilities and availability of different data from advanced technologies will allow researchers to build system biology models of various diseases in order to efficiently develop new therapeutic interventions and reduce the current prohibitively large costs of drug discovery. This would be possible only if we are able to capture, curate and analyse clinical data with omics data sets using novel informatics tools to establish correlations with high level of confidence,” he added.

Later, President of Society of Biological Chemists (India) Dr Mohan Rao said: “India has been a knowledge society; our contributions to global knowledge especially in the field of system, astronomy and metallurgy are remarkable. However we appear to be rather less efficient in translating the knowledge to create products and processes of value. Raman Effect was discovered in India more than eight decades ago. Even today we import Raman spectrometers from France, we do not make them,” he added.

The four-day 85th annual meeting of the SBC is focusing on theme ‘Innovations in Biological Research on Health and Diseases’.

The primary goal of the meeting is to provide a platform to present, discus and exchange new ideas and advances from research in the fields of human health, lifestyle diseases, food and nutrition, metabolism and nutraceuticals. Participants from across the country are taking part in the four-day event. On the occasion, the experts will be presenting 515 papers, 393 abstracts and 14 posters.

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