Unique CM

The rebellion in Karnataka Congress that erupted after unceremonious dropping of 14 “inefficient and/or non-performing” ministers was sniffed out by the ruthless CM Siddaramiah. Even those 20 odd MLAs who were dissatisfied joined the chorus for change in leadership lead by veteran dalit leader Srinivas Prasad. At one time, it appeared that change in leadership was imminent. Alas, initial fervor died out soon as the CM offered sops of chairmanships of boards & corporations as a compromise. Even the former minister Khamarul Islam who threatened quitting the Congress, had to swallow his pride and started singing paeans hailing his leader! (a la  Hitler?)  This leaves only the dissenting voice of Prasad. In the meanwhile, newly appointed  Congress working president warned the dissenters of strict action. Even the high command meekly supported Siddaramiah as they realised, any change at this stage would send wrong signals. What is left now is simmering unrest within the party which may not yield good results in the ensuing 2018 elections. That Congress is a divided house in Karnataka is evident in the light of Dy. SP M K Ganapathi’s suicide. The ruling party was isolated in the assembly and the council. Even Congressmen did not attempt to support their leader. Yet, Siddaramiah went on putting up on a brave face. What happened later is history.  Karnataka has the distinction of having a ‘unique’ CM!

MRG Murthy, Mysuru

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