University of Fribourg students visit MYRA

MYRA School of Business recently hosted students of International Business programs, University of Fribourg, Switzerland. The three-day visit was packed with three academic sessions, two Industry visits, one cultural evening of traditional dance and music and a wildlife safari experience at the Bandipur National Park.

The three academic sessions by Dr Michael Shepherd, CEO of CEDABI (Centre of Excellence for Data Analytics and Business Insights)and Professor at Dalhousie University in Canada, Professor of Information Systems Dr Sudhendar Rao, and Senior Associate Dean and Distinguished Professor of Marketing Dr Sudhindra Seshadri exposed the visiting Swiss students to cross-cultural aspects, to appreciate how Indian SME’s are increasingly competitive as they embrace global best practices while developing their own unique methods and that India has defied the emerging market slump. The sessions highlighted the demography on business operations in India.

Dr Rao’s presentation on the structure and environment of the SME market in India highlighted the challenges faced by SME’s in India such as quality and cost of manpower, lack of access to finance, complexity of tax and other laws, inadequate infrastructure, difficulties to access both markets and technology, corruption issues and competition from established industries.

Dr Sudhindra Seshadri’s session on ‘The Power of Indian Markets’ indicated that the Indian markets are finding their footing amid headwinds, and that the emerging marketplace shows the power of a diverse, open economy.  Small reforms by the Modi government have opened big potential in the Indian markets.

Students also visited Infosys campus where Shaji Mathew, Head of Infosys Mysore Centre, gave them insights into the training programmes on the campus and a tour around the Infosys campus showcasing the infrastructure for education, residences, cinemas, numerous sport facilities, food courts and  lots more of Infosys.

The visit to Raman Boards, a unit of ABB India Ltd, in Nanjangud, where B S Balaji, Head of Marketing, provided a broad overview of ABB’s global and local activities in India in general and the activities of Raman Boards in particular showcased that Raman Boards is indeed a leader in transformer insulation technology. 

The visiting students were introduced to Indian culture through Yadu Kala: Ode to Arts of Wadiyar Courts by Vidushi Dr Nandakumar and Natya Vidushi Dr Radhika Nandakumar.

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