Univesity of Mysore website hacked

The official website of University MysoreUniversity, has  been hacked allegedly by suspected cyber attackers, on Saturday, rendering it inaccessible.

The UoM authorities realized that their internet homepage, which usually displays class and departmental information, taken over by a group calling themselves Tunisian cyber resistance Al Fallaga Team.

The authorities  discovered the website had been hacked te on Saturday night, with the web page displaying “Islam is the only religion, Stop killing Burma Muslims, Stop Buddhist Terror”. The website is said to be hacked by Tunisian Cyber resistance Al Fallaga Team.

The functioning of the website was restored after the authorities were alerted on the hacking. Now the website is working normally.

Prof Hemanth Kumar, Coordinator, Information and Communication Division (ICD), a unit of UoM, said that the incident happened Saturday night around 12 and they came to know about it next day morning. “The problem was solved within 15 minutes. We have been managing the website from past 10 years. This is the first time we have come across such an incident. The website is managed by Q Ventures, a Hyderabad- based company and no data regarding the university has been lost.”

UOM Registrar Basavaraju confirmed that the website was hacked. “We were successful in solving the issue by Sunday morning with the help of faculty at computer department of  the university.

“As a precaution, a cyber complaint will be lodged at the police station. The intention of the group is not clear. Police investigation could only assert the reason. We will make sure that this incident does not happen again,” said Basavaraju.

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