Unkempt Chamundi Hills upsets G T Devegowda

Mysuru, February 4:- Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) is working day and night to make the heritage city the ‘cleanest city’ again. But a visit to Chamundi Hills gives a different picture. There are heaps of tender coconut shells strewn all over. District In-charge Minister G T Devegowda, who visited Chamundi Hills in the morning on Monday, was shell-shocked to see the state of affairs even as he warned the tender coconut vendors. He said that the hills should be maintained as a puja room and questioned the people responsible for the mess.

He said that the vendors won’t be allowed to sell tender coconuts if they don’t maintain cleanliness and instructed them to clean the place immediately.

No drinking water at the hills: The well-known pilgrim centre has no drinking water supply. Many people explained to the minister about the water scarcity and said they get water for only one hour once in 10 days. Shocked by this, Devegowda immediately asked the officials to visit the hills and instructed them to solve the problem immediately. Siddaramaiah had provided funds to Chamundi Hills when he was the chief minister.

Deputy Commissioner Abhiram G Sankar and others were present. (MR/KS)

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