Unscientific move

Department of Surface transport, government of India approved  Mysuru – Bengaluru state highway 17 as NH 212.  The original proposal submitted by the state government was  a stretch of road  from Lalitha Mahal, passing through ATI and Abdul Nazir Sab Institute of Rural Development and  Mysuru Race Cub, was to connect Nanjangud road.  Large number of trucks proceeding to Tamil Nadu and Kerala would pass thro’ the city, polluting the residential areas affecting the health of the people. This also involves cutting of hundreds of old and well grown trees. Environmentalists and residents living around this  stretch of road objected to the proposal.  Alternatively, it was suggested to  connect the NH through’ ORR and link near APMC to Nanjangud road. This would avoid NH cutting into the city and eliminate the option of cutting the old and valuable trees. Residents pioneering the agitation to shift the NH through’ ORR to APMC and Nanjangud road represented to National Highway Authorities and it was reported,  their proposal was accepted. However, recent statements from PWD indicate that they are going ahead with the original plan and have initiated actions to  widen the road and requested forest department to arrange cutting of trees on Lalitha Mahal road. Since the people have suggested alternatives, it would be the responsibility of PWD to be receptive to their opinion, instead of taking it as personal prestige and avoid NH passing through this beautiful city.

MRG Murthy, Mysuru

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