Unscientific silt removal from lakes to make money: Vikram Iyengar

Mysuru, May 14:- “Silt can be formed in lakes only if the lakes have a regular inflow of water. But all the inlets of lakes are being closed or encroached. The lakes do not have silt but the so-called unscientific removal of silt from lakes is only to make money,” alleged Vikram Iyengar of KMPK Charitable Trust on Monday.

“Silt removal has been taken up done in several lakes of the taluk, saying they would be filled with water under Yethinahole project. Lakes have dried up due to paucity of rains over the years. If they don’t have water, there will be no silt as well. Earlier, water was entering the lakes through rainwater canals. Now, all these canals are closed and there is no connection between the lakes. A survey has to be done to know the capacity of the lake and understand the amount of the silt formed in the lake. Encroachment of the lakes should be cleared. Without doing all these works, trying to remove the silt from lakes is unscientific and it is an effort to make money,” he alleged in his media release. (MR/SH)

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