Unscientific thoughts are hazardous for mankind: Kalegowda Nagawara

Mysuru, July 6:- “Unscientific thoughts of conventional people are hazardous for the development of mankind,” opined progressive thinker Prof Kalegowda Nagawara.

He was speaking at the pamphlet release programme of Nagesh Hegde’s article on the use of Cows.

“Scientists are not working to develop scientific thoughts among the public. No one has the right to decide one’s food habit. If half the cow is used for meat, the other is being used to prepare daily use products. Though there are examples of beef eating in Indian culture, it is laughable to ban beef,” he said.

Pa Mallesh, Prof K S Bhagawan, journalist Rajashekhar Koti, Rathi Rao, Bettaiah Kote and others were present. (BM)

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