National seminar on Indian Legal System inaugurated

 “Law and justice cannot be left to the lawyers alone,” said former vice chancellor of University of Mysore Prof S N Hegde.

Speaking at the two-day national conference on ‘Indian Legal System- Emerging Dimensions’ organised by JSS Law College on Tuesday S N Hegde emphasised on the need of accessibility of law and its reachability.

 He said, “The spirit of the law is more important than the letter, it is of paramount importance that people get justice and justice should be confined to the ambit of the powerful alone. Different sets of laws govern various departments of the state, the central government and the local bodies comprising police laws, education laws, transport laws and hundreds of various other laws. It is difficult even for a lawyer to be aware of all the laws.”

“It is unfortunate that we are not able to amend the archaic laws. The need of hour is to streamline the laws and dispense it in a reasonable timeline and implement it at once. We Indians are good in drafting but poor in implementation which affects dispensation of justice. Appointing more judges will not help solve the problem wholly. However, it is he hands of the common people to uphold laws by adhering to the spirit of the laws of the land,” he added.

Also, speaking on the occasion, Vice Chancellor of National Law School of India University Prof R Venkata Rao said that human beings have passed through three stages; there was a time when muscle power was given importance later came the power of the money an today is the power of the mind that rules the society.

As many as 70 research papers will be presented in the seminar by the academicians, research schools, students and advocates from different states of India and ‘Best Research Paper and Best Research Presentation’ will be awarded in the valedictory.


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