Urdu medium schools to have common weekly holiday

The state government has made a uniform weekly holiday for all the Urdu medium schools across the state after which the schools will remain shut on Sundays while there would be half day school on Fridays.

Urdu medium schools earlier did not have a common weekly holiday with a few remaining shut on Fridays while a few declaring it a half day. Some schools had half-day on Saturday and holiday on Monday while some others worked half-day on Thursday and holiday on Friday.

Speaking to City Today, Minister for Primary and Higher Education, Tanveer Sait said on Wednesday that the decision was taken to bring uniformity in weekly holidays across all the Urdu medium schools in the state. “It is decided that all the Urdu medium schools would work half day on Fridays as both students and faculties have to offer Jumma prayer. This would further improve educational standards and enrolment as well,” he said.

The schools will remain shut on Sundays, while Saturdays would be full working days. A circular has been sent to all the Urdu medium schools to start following the new instructions regarding the uniform weekly holiday which were in practice since December 1, Sait added.

The state has 5,254 government aided, and unaided Urdu schools which used to function properly from Monday to Wednesday, while there was disruption of activities on other days.


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