Urgent need

Chief Justice of India’s ‘no’ to the panel to evaluate applications for judges’ post as recommended by the Group of Ministers (GoM) is surprising!  Every arm of democracy has checks and balances to ensure smooth functioning and to make them confine to constitutional limits. However, resistance to such scrutiny by the judiciary leads to suspicion that they want to be ‘unto themselves’ and would not like to be answerable to anyone. In a democracy, Parliament is supreme; Judiciary being one of the strong pillars of democracy, this arm cannot be separate and say that it is not answerable to anyone; including Parliament. This leads to suspicion that judiciary is no exception as far as greed for power is concerned.  It is no denying, political parties in power manipulated the constitutional provisions to suit their need at will. There is an urgent need for full discussion and to eliminate mistrust. Parliament needs to assert itself on this issue.

MRG Murthy, Mysuru

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