Urgent steps needed

This is the recurrent and continuing story of neglect, collusion, transferring of responsibility and disowning accountability between BDA and BBMP that Bengaluru will be facing the dire prospect of half of its population to be evacuated by 2025.The stench of thousands of dead fish floating in the lake emanating driving the commuters on surrounding roads to hold their breath is a testimony that this phenomenon awaits other remaining water bodies if urgent steps are not taken to stop its encroachment, protect the catchment areas falling prey to developers and plug flow of sewage into lakes .Earlier it was seen what happened in Bellandur lake and how the govt remained indifferent. The fate of demolition of buildings in Sarakki layout to regain its tank bed is now a mute testimony of half demolished buildings with no effort to resuscitate it The fact that even half of 250 lakes that provided the elixir of life to Bengaluru now reduced to 17 as per Indian Institute of Science survey in 2015 is a sad story of criminal neglect of successive govts. Mysore’s sstory is no different though not that alarming. Will the government wake up?

H R Bapu Satyanarayana, Mysuru

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