Urs Rangothsava organised in memory of Devaraja Urs

‘Naada Odanadi’ play based on the life of the former chief minister was presented by renowned theatre person Mandya Ramesh and team

The state government is committed to fulfil the vision of former Chief Minister D Devaraja Urs by empowering backward class, Dalits and minorities with its various welfare programmes, assured District In-charge Minister Dr H C Mahadevappa.

He was speaking after inaugurating the Urs Rangothsava organised by District Administration, Panchayat Raj and Backward Class Welfare Department at Kalamandir on Friday. The event was organised as part of centenary birth celebration of the former CM.

Mahadevappa pointed out that while landlords were discriminating poor by holding major part of land, Devaraja Urs implemented land reforms act in the state effectively as he believed in social justice. It is due to his contribution, poor farmers and working class could benefit, he said.

Devaraja Urs laid a strong foundation to strengthen democratic principles in Karnataka and the state government too followed the same vision, he claimed

Many welfare policies have been introduced to improve education and lifestyle where facilities were provided to study abroad, he said and urged students to utilise government schemes and share the knowledge for collective empowerment.

MLA Vasu said that Devaraj Urs distributed land for all and due to this there are many people from Punjab and Madhya Pradesh who are owing land in Hunsur region.

Taluk Panchayat President Kalamma Kemparamaiah, District BCM Officer Somashekar, Officials including Achyuthanand, Manjunath, Venkatesh and others were present.

Play on Devaraj Urs

‘Naada Odanadi’ play based on the life of Devaraj Urs was presented by renowned theatre person Mandya Ramesh and team. Various welfare policies highlighting social justice concepts, the play highlighted his policies including, land reforms, irrigation, reservation for backward class, women and Dalits, anti-slavery and education policies.

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