US Consul General Burgess visits SVYM to promote global citizenship

Mysuru, June 19:- The Consul General of the United States in Chennai,  Robert G Burgess, visited Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement (SVYM), Mysuru, to promote citizen to citizen, people-to-people relationships, with the larger goal of creating global citizens especially in the fields of cultural and educational exchange.

SVYM is a development organisation, engaged in building a new civil society in India through its grassroots to policy level action in the sectors of health, education, and community development for the last 34 years.

SVYM has set up the Vivekananda Institute for Indian Studies (VIIS) at Mysuru with an aim of introducing India and promote promoting India’s culture and heritage to the world.  VIIS today offers customised programmes for university students from across the world.  It aims to expand human and social capital in order to create global citizenship, citizens who strive to make the world a better place.

It creates a platform for mutual learning and understanding between people of the international community. SVYM believes that valuing our diversity, taking one step at a time, and supporting each other are essential factors for sustaining healthy partnerships.

Burgess highlighted the activities of the US Consulate in India, its role in fostering partnerships with academia in both countries, and the many opportunities that the US students have for pursuing their studies in India.  He emphasised that people-to-people relationships, programmnes that connect Indian and US citizens, connect programmes and events where individuals can share the culture and heritage of both the countries which are pivotal to building long-lasting partnerships.

Dr M R Seetharam, president, SVYM, Donna Ramil, associate director, International Studies, ILR School Cornell University and other senior staff of SVYM briefed him about the activities of SVYM and the on-going university partnerships. (MR)

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