US Professor who predicted Trump’s 2016 win thinks he’s losing 2020 elections

Prime News, International, (Washigton), August:-A professor of history who has successfully predicted previous election results in the United States including the 2016 victory of current President Donald Trump, has predicted the 2020 election results.
Known as the ‘Nostradamus of presidential elections’ in the US, History Professor Allan Lichtman of American University in Washington has accurately predicted the results of 40 US elections including the time when Republican President Ronald Reagan defeated Democratic challenger Walter Mondale in 1984.

In 2016, he successfully predicted the victory of the Republican candidate Trump who beat Democrat Hillary Clinton to become the US President. Lichtman was one of the few analysts to predict a win for the Republican.
This year, however, the professor is predicting that Trump will lose the election this year to Democrat candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden.
After successfully predicting the results of nearly 40 US elections, Lichtman is now claiming that Trump will lose the election.
And the professor doesn’t just rely on guesswork and luck to arrive at these conclusions. His “13-Keys to the White House” analysis model is a tried and tested process.

The 13 keys involve comparing metrics like the economy, scandals, social unrest, incumbency, and other factors with those of other candidates. And as per the “keys”, it seems Trump is headed for a loss
Trump is at the fag end of a term that saw sedition charges filed against him as well as the coronavirus pandemic. Many have criticized the President’s handling of the crisis. Trump has also been criticized for misbehaving with journalists and media persons.

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