Use alternate fuel to control pollution: Shyam Sundar

Mysuru, June 6:- CRST chief of NIE College Shyam Sundar advocated the use of alternate fuel to reduce the pollution. He was speaking at an interaction with experts on solar kitchen organised in association with Sun Preeth Solar System at Pramathi College in the city on Wednesday.

“We are organising World Environmental Day with the motto of controlling air pollution. Last year, we observed it by stopping the use of plastic. Around 92% of people are not breathing fresh air. We are breathing air with carbon dioxide and sulphuric acid. Pollution is increasing day by day by the smoke emitted from the vehicles. NIE has already established biofuel unit,” he added.

A demonstration was made on how cooking can be done with solar.

Regional officer of ISHRE PV Bharadwaj, principal of the school CS Sudarshan, Anil Kumar, and others were present. (MR/GK).

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