Vachanas are valid literature for all the time: M N Ramesh

“Vachanas are among the rarest literature forms of Karnataka. 12th century is identified as the age of transformation in religious, social and cultural fields of Karnataka. Basavanna, Akka Mahadevi, Allama Prabhu, Chennabasavanna are remembered till date for their contributions,” said M N Ramesh, lecturer of Hilal composite PU College, T Narsipur.

He was speaking on the 227th lecture of ‘Shivanubhava Dasoha Malike’ held at JSS Mahavidyapetha, recently.

He stressed on the need of making the youth to be aware of the Vachana literature and understanding the importance of Vachanas.

President of Sharana Sahitya Parishath of Mysuru city, Go Ru Parameshwarappa presided over the event.

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