Vachanas essence of life: Kumaraswamy

Mysuru, September 27:- “To have a good conduct, one has to study Vachanas,” said founder of Sharanu Vishwa Vachana Foundation, Vachana Kumaraswamy here on Wednesday.

He was speaking at a programme held at tent school of the children of mahouts and kavadis.

“If the social sense of the vachanakaras of 12th century were to be found in today’s literates, the society would have developed way better. The children of the forest, mahouts and kavadis know no cheating and stealing. Their life in the arms of mother nature is unique,” he added.

Uma Mahadevaswamy presented vachanas on the occasion. More than 50 children were provided with Vachana deevige certificate and Vachana books.

Roopa Kumaraswamy, Srikanta Murthy, Poornima Nagendra, Pampapathy, Linganna, Noor Fathima, Sujatha Durgesh, Prabhuswamy, Usha Kumari, Sheela and others were present. (MR/BM).

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