Vaggeyakaras Day sees good number of music enthusiasts

It was a Day of Vaggeyakaras and the event held at the Jaganmohan Palace witnessed a huge audience. Artists from all over the state participated.

A “Vaggeyakara” is a composer occupying a prime place in Karnataka music capable of writing lyrics of a song according to the canons of composing wherein alliteration rhyming and the choice of words play an important role in conveying the concept of the song or an emotion in praise of Gods and Goddesses.

Mysuru is known for Vaggeyakaras, all highly admired during the period of Maharajas of Mysuru. Jayachamaraja Wodeyar had made 94 musical works with his own composition. Unfortunately, Vaggeyakaras are ignored in the modern days where Karnataka music forms are ignored. Thus we are making an attempt of identifying Vaggeyakaras and promoting the rare form of Karnataka music.

The event was inaugurated by Rajmatha Pramoda Devi Wadiyar, Karnataka Music and Dance Academy President Gangamma Keshavamurthy presided over the function and Karnataka Gangubai Hanagal Music University Vice Chancellor Dr Sarvamangala Shankar was the chief guest.

To mark the event, a book titled ‘Royal Composer Shri Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar’s Complete Musical Compositions with Analysis’ penned by V Nanjundaswamy released by Pramoda Devi.

Addressing the audience, Dr Sarvamangala Shankar asserted that music was not only the medium of entertaining the audience. “Music has a great healing power and it will help people do something good to the society. It brings positivity, peace of mind and it is a great transformer,” she said.

“Vaggeyakaras have contributed immensely and have laid a firm foundation to Karnataka music after the 17th century. Between 7th and 11th centuries, there was a great prominence for vocal music and later it transformed into different ragas. Vaggeyakaras have contributed in documenting the ragas and laid a firm base for Karnataka music. Their efforts have to be remembered by every music lover,” she said.

Being a Vaggeyakara, Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar has composed 94 tunes with lyrics with different ragas, she added.

At the event, Vaggeyakaras including Vidushi G S Rajalakshmi and team gave a splendid performance.  Member convener of Karnataka Music and Dance Academy Dr Sukanya Prabhakar, Registrar Banashankari V Angadi were present.

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