Value education need of the hour: Dr N N Prahallada

Value education in the present context  is vital at all levels of education, starting from Kindergarten up to university education, said Dr N N Prahallada of RIE Mysuru, recently.

Delivering a lecture on value dimension to higher education for the participants of the orientation programme at UGC Human Resource Development Center (HRDC) of the University of Mysore, Dr Prahallada said that values are going down the drain in the present-day context. “We need to do something substantial to rejuvenate values.”

“The importance of value education has been highlighted by  Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his speeches. Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar has also stressed the importance of value education at all levels,” he said.

Dr Prahalla further added that values cannot be taught, they  must be practised. “The universities have a major role to play in promoting value education by developing suitable programmes. NCERT, NCTE, NUEPA and other important national-level Institutes should come together to work out a common plan of action to strengthen the base of value education.”

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