Vandalism on Chamundi Hill: Facts to shock devotees.

When devotees offer their “kanikas” to Chamundeswari, they sincerely think that their offerings will be used for noble causes. What we have found regarding the use of income of the temple should shock the devotees.
The revenues of the temple last year was Rs. 23.9 crores. Because of generous donations by increasing number of devotees, accumulated funds of the temple was above Rs 60 crores. It is this huge amount which drove all those who dreamt of the development project on the hill. Till I learnt of these facts which MGP had submitted to National Green Tribunal, I was under the impression that all the development projects were funded by the government.
However according to Government Order No. 11 MuAKaa 2015 (Bhaa); Bengaluru, Date: 14th August, 2015, of the estimated cost of Rs 79.94 crores to carry out various projects on the hill, Rs 60 crores will be taken from the temple’s FDs and the remaining Rs. 10.94 crores will be taken from the future income of the temple. What a shocking thing!!
It is almost a certainty that parking lot meant for tourists and devotees will remain unused and so also the shopping complex built by the government. Car parking is not going to solve the chaos that we see today. When vehicle population increases on the hill with the car ownership increasing, 600 car parking lot will be inadequate within a short time. Then the decision to ban private vehicles will become inevitable whether one likes it or not.
Buses will be used to bring the devotees and tourists from the bottom of the hill and be dropped on the top of the hill. When they are ready they can hop on the bus returning to the bottom of the hill. What will then happen to the expensive parking complex? It will be in ruins. The same fate will await the government built shopping complex but for other reasons. This is what we have seem with the government constructed shops. What a waste of the offerings of the devotees.
We have also found out from the drawings of the construction projects that the total construction area is about 22000 square meters. According to the chairman of Builders Association of India, a rough estimate for such buildings is less than Rs. 40 crores.  One need not be genius to figure out for a high estimate of Rs 79.94 crores. Again how will devotees feel in the future if they realize that their  offerings will end up supporting corruption though indirectly?
These facts should give enough motivation to Mysoreans to participate in Candle Light March organized by MGP, Let Us Do It and other NGOs on June 18 at 6.30 PM starting from Kote Anjaneya temple. Large participation will send a powerful message to the government to stop the work immediately.

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