Vasundhara Doraswamy’s dance leaves audience in awe

Dance Mela 2016,’ a glob­al dance fiesta to mark the World Dance Day with ar­tistes from Australia and India was conducted at Re­naissance Theatre Kew in Melbourne on April 30.

Various dance schools across Australia and In­dia took part in the event. The brainchild of Megha­la Bhat Hirasave, Director of Art of Vinyasa School of Bharatanatyam and Yoga, the dance mela was con­ducted with the aim to en­courage young artistes to showcase their talent with one senior artiste to cap the performance in order to treat the learned audience in the cultural capital of Australia. The event was inaugurat­ed by Tara Rajkumar – Or­der of Australia (OAM), with chief guests Hon Tim Smith MP (State Member of Kew and Shadow Parliamentary Secretary to Leader of Op­position) and Chidambaram Srinivasan (Commission-er, Victorian Multicultural Commission). Vasan Sri­nivasan (Chair for Confed­eration of Indian Australian Associations) presided over the function.


The programme was opened by a sparkling per­formance by the students of Art of Vinyasa, who lit up the stage with their youth­ful enthusiasm coupled with crisp compositions by Me­ghala Hirasave. This was followed by a beautiful rendi­tion of Kathak by Manmohini School of Dance performed by Rujuta Kulkarni and Vrin­da Naicker ably directed by their guru Mohini.

Overseas artiste Vidushi Sparsha Shenoy present­ed with a spirited display in the Vasundhara style of Bharatanatyam which cap­tivated the audience with its up-tempo energy and art­istry. This was compliment­ed with a flowing display of elegance with a ballet con­cert by BDC Dance Studio directed by principal and choreographer Natalie Stubbs. The graceful movements provided the perfect yin-yang effect to the Bharatanatyam presentation before.

The solo thematic pro­duction of Kumara Vyasa’s `Kshaatra Draupadi’ by Dr Vasundhara Doraswamy from Mysuru was the icing on the cake that took every­one’s breath away. The per­formance oozed with experi­ence and perfection at every stage and enchanted the audience from start to finish for one-and-a-half hour of unadulterated eminence.

The distinction with which the artiste presented each character was evidence of Vasundhara’s mastery and involvement, which trans­formed the audience into a different world that they don’t get a chance to experience. The performance ended with the Victorian Multicultural Commission commissioner declaring it as ‘once in a de­cade’ performance.

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