Vatal Nagaraj insists on full-fledged Mysuru Dasara

Former MLA Vatal Nagaraj says 'Yediyurappa Dasara' has replaced Mysuru Dasara!

Mysuru, October 14:- When most of the people and organisations are insisting on simple Dasara, here is one politician who wants a full-fledged one for reasons better known to him. Given the pandemic situation, Vatal Nagaraj of Vatal Paksha should know time is not conducive for holding a complete Dasara. Spiralling coronavirus cases and the number of deaths in the heritage city have put brakes on Dasara celebrations.

Without understanding the grim situation and demanding what is not possible is far from reality.

Vatal Nagaraj, who was protesting with a handful of supporters here on Wednesday (October 14), lashed out at Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa opting for a simple Dasara. “Yediyurappa Dasara has replaced Mysuru Dasara! He is not for traditional Dasara and he seems to be deciding everything on his own. Lighting arrangements are fine for him but not Jamboo Savari. It is nothing bud madness. Every other day, a different minister is coming to Mysuru and issuing a statement. If this government is not capable of running the show, it should go.”

Nagaraj added, “We do understand there is a tough situation because of the coronavirus. It was definitely possible to hold Dasara as before with proper precautions. All that Yediyurappa knows is how to safeguard his seat. Much-hyped Vidyagama should be banned totally. If it is not done, we will intensify our protests. If a teacher or a student dies, the government should pay a compensation of Rs 1 crore.”

On water-related issues with Goa, Nagaraj said the matter is in the court. (MR/KS)

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