Veene Sheshanna Jayanti at Ganabharathi on Nov 23, 24

Mysuru, November 18:- Ganabharathi is organising a two-day Music Festival on the occasion of Veene Sheshanna Jayanti on November 23 and 24.

On November 23 at 6 pm, vidwan Sangeetha Kalarathna Prof Mysore V Subramanya will speak on “Veene Sheshanna’s life and achievement.” It is followed by a music concert by vidwan S Shankar. He will be accompanied by vidwan Mysore N Karthik on the violin, vidwan Anirudh Bhat on the mridanga and vidwan R Karthik on the khanjira.

On November 24 at 6 pm, vidushi Dr R N Srilatha will present a lecture on ‘The influence of the Hindustani music on Veene Sheshanna.” It is followed by a veena recital by vidwan Ananthapadmanabhan. He will be accompanied by vidwan Tumakur B Ravishankar on the mridangam and vidwan Sharat Kaushik on the ghatam

Artistes’ profile

Vidwan S Shankar, a popular Carnatic vocalist, is the disciple of his mother Rajamma Sastry, Nagarathna Bai and Vallabham Kalyana Sundaram. He is ‘A top’ grade artiste at All India Radio (AIR) and Doordarshan. He has performed all over the country and abroad. He has performed jugalbandhi concerts with Hindustani vocalists. He has a number of cassettes /CDs to his credit. He has directed documentaries and dramas and musical features like “Mounadacheya Belaku – Life and works of  Sadashiva Bramhendra and Vishwa Geetham – Life and works of Mayuramvishwanathasastry for AIR. He has been honoured with titles like Sangeetha Saraswathi, Sangeetha Kala Ratna, Karnataka Rajyotsava Award, DD Chandana Award. As a revered guru, he has trained many students.

Anantha Padmanabhan is synonymous with veena. ‘A top’ graded artiste of AIR, is the veena staff artiste of the AIR, Kerala. His father, late T S Ananthakrishnan, was a good veena artiste. His father’s niece Gomathi Chidambaram was also an accomplished veena player. He started playing the veena as a hobby and used to spend hours on Saadhana/practice. He had great admiration for S.Balachander, the great Vainika and his “Gayaki Style” of playing. He considers him as his role model. He can play both Carnatic and Hindustani ragas on veena. He has directed ‘Triveni Sangamam’ – a confluence of Carnatic, Hindustani and Western music. He has toured extensively all over India and abroad. He has taught many students including his son. (MR)


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