Veer Savarkar Yuva Balaga stages protest against Congress

Mysuru, January 6:- Veer Savarkar Yuva Balaga staged protest in the city on Sunday against Congress for questioning the patriotism of Savarkar.

“The contribution of Savarkar and his family members to the freedom movement are invaluable. His patriotism doesn’t need a certificate from Congress. British kept him in different jails as they knew his patriotism,” said the protesters.

“A book questioning the patriotism of Savarkar was released by Madhya Pradesh Congress Sevadal. It might be due to the suggestions of Rahul Gandhi who has such low thoughts. When Mahatma Gandhi was killed, Congress had pelted stones at Savarkar and killed his brother Narayana Savarkar. Rahul Gandhi, who has contributed nothing to the nation, has no ethics to speak against Savarkar,” they added.

They urged the central government to ban the book spreading false information about Savarkar and urged Congress to apologise to the nation.

Rakesh Bhat, Vikram Iyengar, Sanjay of Sri Rama Sene, Sandesh Pawar, Pramod Gowda, TS Arun, Jeevan, Harish, Ankit, Umashankar, Leela Shenoy and others were present. (MR/KS)

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