Veerashaivas treat everyone equally: Shankar Bidari

Mysuru, January 9:- “Veerashaivas treat everyone equally with no discrimination,” said former Director General and Inspector General of Police, Shankar Bidari here on Monday.

He was speaking after inaugurating the felicitation programme for honorary doctorate awardee seer Mummadi Nirvana of Kanakapura mutt from Bengaluru Indian Virtual University for Peace and Education Institution, organised by the taluk employees’ welfare association.

“Veerashaiva Lingayatha mutts have been providing education, food to the needy without any discrimination. Many governments are speaking of abolishing superstitions now, which the religion tried to implement 800 years ago. Every member of the community should give 1% of their income to the development of the society,” he said.

Yalavarahundi Siddappa released the calendar of the association.

Seers Siddalinga Shivacharya of Vatalu mutt, Shivalinga of Medini mutt, K N Puttabudhi, Dr Veerabhadra Swamy, M K Swamy, S M Shivaprakash, and others were present. (MR/KS)/

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