Vehicle free weekends at Chamundi Hills?

Prime News, Karnataka, Mysuru, July 8: – The Mysuru district authorities are conceptualising the idea of vehicle free weekends at Chamundi Hills on the lines of Nandi Hills.

Given the renewed interest in cycling in Namma Mysuru, the district authorities have made arrangements for geared bicycles with docking stations to be set up at the Chamundi foothills as part of Public Bicycle Sharing System (PBS) called Trin Trin.

Deputy Director of Tourism Department HP Janardhan  says that the authorities have been preparing a plan to make Chamundi Hils an eco-friendly destination but still thinking whether to provide high-end bicycles on hire or allow the user to bring their own bicycles to pedal up the Chamundi Hills during weekends.

Tiger Solanki of Tiger Adventure Foundation says, ‘It would be a great initiative if the authorities plan to ban vehicle movement on Sunday mornings, as the number of cyclists are more at this time of the day. However, Tiger Solanki says a complete ban on vehicle movement would adversely affect the tourism industry.

The district authorities are also planning to set up a telescope near the cross roads that leads to Chamundi Hills and Bull statue (Nandi) which helps the visitors to have a glimpse of Mysuru city from the hill top. The proposal to set up telescope is however needs a clearance from the Forest Department.

-(NAV, Inputs; Agencies, KK)

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