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Very, very special man

Behind every successful person, there is an interesting story. Entrepreneur Hunsur Vasudevrao Subba Krishna’s fairy tale is no different. Right from the early days in Hunsur, Mysuru and now Bengaluru, it has been a journey filled with thrills and frills. That Krishna had to really sweat it out to be what he is today, makes the story all the more special.

Krishna’s early days date back to a small village in Hunsuru. Growing up as the son of an agriculturist, according to him, it was memorable playing in the fields. “I constantly go back to those days as I now live in a city, with a completely different culture,” Krishna recalls his formative days in Hunsuru. “I studied in government schools and colleges, paying no fees throughout my school and college, as I got a concession and scholarship for being from an agricultural background. We never wore uniforms throughout school and college. As a student, I had won awards for being in cultural activities as well as doing well in academics.”

When you quiz him about his parents’ contribution in nurturing his career, Krishna gets thoughtful.  “My mother was a very caring and hard working woman. She always made sure all her children were fed well and taken care of even during hard times. This made me realise how sacrificial a bond between a mother and her child can be and has impacted me for the better. My father was generally outdoors, a very reserved man who was well respected in the town. He was more into social service in and around our area,” he says while trying to drive home a point.

After completing 12th and graduation in the year 1980, Krishna made his way to Bengaluru for higher studies. It was here he happened to meet D R Sathyanarayan Rao, a chartered accountant and D R Srikantaiah, a well-known industrialist. After  realising that the boy was very enterprising, they offered to lease out a sick industry which was in deep trouble, for him to recover it and run it. “This confidence they had in me, instilled a sense of great motivation and courage for me to take up other things in future. Hence I have high regards for them,” Krishna reveals when you ask him about the turning point in his career.

Krishna is an epitome of devotion, dedication and discipline. For all the hard work that he has put in over the years, Krishna may have earned name and fame, but he is not the one to sit back and rest on the laurels. He wants to keep achieving more and more in the years to come. At the same time,  he wants to remain grateful to all those persons who made him become what he is today.

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How is your journey as a successful entrepreneur?


It began as a tough and challenging journey, where I worked for about 18 hours a day sometimes, facing new problems every now and then, trying to find newer solutions. Though it was hard, I took it in a positive way and believed I hould make the best of what time and the resources available had to offer me. Within a short span of time, I converted the sick unit into a profit making organisation which eventually gave me a tremendous amount of experience and success.


Did you face problems initially?


Yes, naturally. This is because a lot of hard work went into turning profits out of a sick unit. It took me about two to three years to develop a good business with good customers.



What has life taught over the years?


I have learnt the value of time and how important it is to make the best use of any given situation. I have also learnt to take nothing for granted. One must always be willing to give it his best in order to be successful in life.



The positive and negative sides of Krishna.


Positive: Hard working, optimist, enthusiastic.  Negative: Short tempered, critical.


Is there any one person who has influenced your career a lot?


D R Sathyanarayan Rao, a chartered accountant – a very intelligent man who taught me the basics of economics and valuable life lessons and D R Srikantiah, a leading industrialist of Bengaluru, a very humble and kind man who has taught me entrepreneurship, and its values.



Are you into social service?


Yes. After a very successful industrial career, earning a good name and respect from this fraternity, I wanted to give back something to it for all that it has given me. Hence I joined the industry association – Laghu Udyog Bharati. Over a period of time, I served as the general secretary, state president and then as the national president for India. This was a good opportunity for me to offer honorary service to my country.



What it takes to be successful in life?


Hard work, dedication and true passion. This is my mantra!





















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