Vested interests thwarted introduction of Anti-Superstition Bill: Aravinda Malagatti

Noted writer criticised a section of the media and political parties for obstructing the implementation of the bill at an interaction programme

The State government had planned to introduce Anti-Superstition Bill in a bid to put an end to all the superstitious beliefs followed by people, but, it drew flak from both political parties and a section of media who wanted to encash upon people’s beliefs and ignorance. Thus, the bill was still pending with the government and remains to be implemented, said noted litterateur Prof Aravinda Malagatti.
Speaking at an interactive programme on ‘Superstition: Challenges and Solutions,’ organised by the Dalit Students’ Federation (DSF) at the University of Mysore campus on Friday, Prof Malagatti noted that both media and political parties had debated the bill to make it appear anti-Hinduism.
“The very approach of media and political parties was such that people believed the bill was against their religion and opposed it. The introduction of the bill, in fact, would cut down the income of people who were benefitting from people’s superstitious beliefs,” he said, adding, “Media should be instrumental in building a healthy society free of all kinds of evils rather than focusing on TRPs.”
Prof Malagatti said that superstitious beliefs were common among illiterates and backward classes as they are unable to judge what was correct and wrong. It’s time they are educated and made to understand the reality.

“Women are the major victims of superstitious practices due to which their lives are made hellish,” he added.
Speaking on the occasion, Sri Basavanagi Deva Sharana Swami of Chalavadi Mutt in Chitradurga, expressed his concern over the practice of Panchanga (a Hindu astrological almanac) with which, he said, “people are being fooled in the name of religious practice.”
“The situation is such that instead of people deciding for themselves, they act according to the Panchanga right from buying things to travelling. And surprisingly, the Panchanga also shows a right time for a baby to be born,” he added.
He further advised people to come out of such unpractical beliefs which were meant to con people.

 Sri Basavanagi Deva Sharana Swami of Chalavadi Mutt in Chitradurga urged people to be practical and rational.

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