Veteran Kananda actor-director Kashinath no more

Prime News, Karnataka, Bengaluru, January 18:- Veteran Kannada actor, director and producer Kashinath passed away on Thursday at Sri Shankara Hospital in Bengaluru.

The ailing actor was hospitalised two days ago in Bengaluru. According to the film circles, the actor was suffering from cancer and was taking treatment. The veteran actor had carved a niche for himself in the Kannada film industry and his films generally touched subjects which were often regarded as taboo in the society and thus attracted the tag of being ‘vulgar’ by some critics.

The actor had credit of acting in more than 40 films and directing 15 and odd films in Kannada and other languages. Kashinath was recently seen in Chowka, released last year.

In his three decade of film journey he through his films has influenced the society as well as the industry. Noted Kannada actor, musician and director Upendra, Manohar and Sunil Kumar Desai respectively entered the film industry under his mentorship.

Hailing from Kundapur in Udupi district, the actor is survived by his wife and two children, a daughter and son.

Film journey

He started as a director with the movie ‘Aparoopada Athitigalu’ in 1975. His second movie was a suspense thriller ‘Aparichita’ which starred well known actors like Suresh Heblikar, Sunderkrishns Urs and others, was also successful.

He went on to direct 16 movies of varied genres, which were all very successful at the box-office. He first acted in the movie ‘Anubhava,’ along with debutantes Abinaya and Umashree in 1984. He also acted in a movie ‘Avale Nanna Hendthi’ along with Kannada film industry’s top actress Bhavya and Tara, in 1988. This movie which touched upon the prevalent social issue of dowry burning was a big hit. He went on to direct comedies like ‘Avane Nanna Ganda’ and ‘Manmatharaja’ in 1989, ‘Chapalachennigaraaya’ in 1990, ‘shhh’ directed by Upendra and ‘Hello Yama’ in 1993.

Kannada film industry condoles

On hearing about Kashinath’s demise; actors, directors and people who had a long association with the actor expressed their condolences.

Actress Priyanka Upendra‏ tweeted “Shocked and extremely saddened to hear about the passing away of Kashinath Sir. Praying that his soul finds peace.Strength, love and prayers for his family.”

Kannada actor Ganesh took to his twitter handle and said I am so saddened to know about the demise of Kashinath sir. He was a kind & a learned man. RIP.



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