Vidwath-16 inter-collegiate fest held

“The youth today emphasise more on earning than on learning,” said Vice President and Head, India Operations Theorem Pvt Ltd Bhaskar Kalale.

Delivering the inaugural address at ‘Vidwath-16’ an inter-collegiate Commerce and Management Fest organised by Vidyavardhaka First Grade College on Saturday Bhaskara Kalale said, “Today every individual focuses merely on earning and thus accords less importance to learning. Everyone somehow will be able to net a job in the government sector, a corporate company or set up his own business which assures them of livelihood. Yet what is more important is what we learn from the work.”

“The difference between the word earn and learn is the letter ‘L’ that stands for listening which suggests that we listen to wise people and those with experience. This is the basic principle for every student and worker to understand. In this digital age we need to evolve with time and keep pace with learning fruitful things since our earning depends on what we are learning through experience.”

“Entrepreneurship primarily means to identify a problem and correct it. India today has great social challenges that need to be addressed so we need to find technology-based solution to address social issues. So today there are huge opportunities for students to be future entrepreneurs,” he added.

Various events like Chill Spill- Stage Craft, Money flickers- Finance, Master Mind- H R M, Mercado Rex-Marketing, Baltic Byplay, Virtue Mart- e-commerce and others events were held as part of the fest.

President of Vidyavardhaka Sangha Gundappa Gowda, Principal Vidyavardhaka First Grade College Dr N Shankar, Head, Department of Commerce and Management Prof Sujatha S, Chief Coordinator Prof H J Chandrashekar and others were present

Vice President and Head, India Operations Theorem Pvt Ltd Bhaskar Kalale addressing the students at Vidwath-2016 management fest on Saturday.

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