Vijayapura to Mysuru: Strays get back their master’s love

Mysuru, October 24:- That dogs are loyal to their masters is nothing new. Our Deputy Commissioner D Randeep is an ardent animal lover. When he was posted at Vijayapura before coming Mysuru, he had a couple of stray dogs with him. After he was transferred to Mysuru, he had to leave behind the strays and come.

The pets were so attached to Randeep, that they fell into depression after their master left Vijayapura.  When the Deputy Commissioner came to know about the news, he ensured his pets – Lilly, Brownie, Chubby and Spaty – were brought to Mysuru. The strays seem to be enjoying the new place and environment. More importantly, they are happy they have got their master’s love back. The news is that they are recovering from the bout of depression.

In Vijayapura, Randeep’s wife, Arpita used to feed a stray bitch which used to come to their house regularly. Lilly had a litter of  12 puppies. While the couple kept three puppies with them, they gave away the remaining nine to those who were ready to accept them. The puppies – Brownie, Chubby and Spaty – developed a rare bonding with Randeep and his wife over a period of time.

But when Randeep was transferred to Mysuru, the dogs went into a depression mode. On his part, Randeep called up veterinary doctors in Vijayapura and requested them to treat the dogs but it was of no use. Finally, the Deputy Commissioner got them shifted to Mysuru much to the delight of the canines. They are enjoying their morning walk with Randeep and his wife Arpita.

“Lilly and her puppies are like our family members. They were under depression when we left Vijayapura and we got them shifted here by a special vehicle. We can learn love and affection from dogs. They are fine with my wife and daughter as well. When they came to  Mysuru, they were weak and now they have recovered with affection and treatment,” says a happy Randeep. (MR/SN).

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