Vijayashankar’s nomination: BJP to approach HC over confusion

Mysuru, March 28:- BJP said that it would approach the at High Court on the confusions in the nomination of Congress-JD(S) coalition candidate for Mysuru – Kodagu CH Vijayashankar for the Lok Sabha elections.

“We have our doubts that the state government is pressurising the deputy commissioner, Abhiram G Sankar to follow its diktat. Imagine a bowler asking a Pakistani umpire ‘khuda kidar hai’. The umpire raises his finger upwards. DC’s action is very similar to that,” said BJP spokesperson Go Madhusudan at a press meet at BJP office on Wednesday.

“Vijayashankar forgot to pay the deposit which was later paid by minister Sa Ra Mahesh. Coalition candidate is losing his mental stability. On the one side, he is scared of PM Narendra Modi and on the other, he is scared of JD(S). We still want Vijayashankar in the ring,” he said.

“We don’t want to win the election freely. We want to defeat our opponent in the elections. We are going to defeat Siddaramaiah and his arrogance. I used to sit with Vijayashankar in legislature house for nearly years. I am not so cheap to expect his nomination to be cancelled for a frivolous reason but we will stage legal battle,” Madhusudan added. (MR/KS).


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