Villagers use tiger doll to scare away leopards!

Mysuru, March 8:- Villagers of Koodanahalli, who have been living under a leopards’ scare, have succeeded in keeping the big cat at bag by using a tiger doll.

Mistaking the tiger doll for a real one, leopards are staying away from attacking the village. The leopards which were often attacking and preying on dogs and cattle have now stopped straying into the village in search of food.

After setting up the tiger doll on the leopard trail three months ago, residents of Mandakalli and villages near the Chamundi foothills are now relieved.

Though they made several requests to the forest department to trap the leopards, they have not done anything. Farmer Basavaraj expressed his happiness as their plan to scare away the leopards has worked. (MR/KS).

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