BJP MLC Vishwanath hits out at pontiffs for supporting BSY to continue as CM

Seers should remain apolitical and not talk politics, says Vishwanath

Prime News, National, Karnataka, Politics, Religion, Mysuru, July 21:- BJP MLC A H Vishwanath on Wednesday (July 21) questioned the reported support that the pontiffs of various mutts extended to Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa. With Yediyurappa’s replacement likely to happen in the next 10 days or so, some of the pontiffs met him on Tuesday (July 20) and asked him to continue and complete his term.

Talking to reporters at the Mysuru Press Club, he said, “Yediyurappa has been looked after well by the party. To make pontiffs talk on his behalf is not good. A Chief Minister should not play the caste card. I don’t understand the stance taken by the pontiffs. Basava Shree award-winner Murugashree is talking about caste and it is disgusting. Former Chief Minister Kengal Hanumanthaiah once mentioned that “Government work is God’s work. But it seems to be seers’ work.”

Vishwanath said, “Yediyurappa has been the Chief Minister on two occasions. He was jailed once on corruption charges and later, he was suspended by the Bharatiya Janata Party for six years. No seer came to his support then. If the BJP won 104 seats in the last Assembly elections, it was because of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. When 17 of us switched loyalties, we did not see anyone’s caste.”

The MLC said, “We thought Yediyurappa would stick to his words but he has proved us wrong. His son B Y Vijayendra is calling the shots and Yediyurappa is like a Municipality leader. It was A K Subbaiah who built the BJP in the state and not Yediyurappa. If he has become the Chief Minister, it is the support of all the communities and not because of Lingayats alone.”

Vishwanath said, “We need a government of people and not a government based on one particular caste. Pontiffs talking in support of the Chief Minister is not right. They should know their limits before making a statement.  I am surprised to hear that the pontiffs are saying that the BJP will be doomed if Yediyurappa is replaced. Mutts should remain apolitical and should not talk of politics.”

He said, “I don’t really know if all the pontiffs have read the Indian Constitution. No seer is above the law of the land. The Indian Constitution is supreme and our pontiffs should know it.”

Vishwanath concluded, “Time is ripe for Yediyurappa to make way for others. He has been given a hint by the party high command and should follow it diligently. Yediyurappa is in the twilight of his political career and must take a call as early as possible.”

As a passing shot, he said, “Like Siddaganga Mutt seer Shivakumar Swamiji, we should be ‘walking gods, and not walking politicians!” (MR/KS)

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