Vision Document for growth of tribal communities launched

Forecasting the overall development of tribal communities, Vanavasi Kalyana Karnataka launched ‘Vision Document’ here on Sunday. The book is a collection of research articles tabled at the national conference held in Mumbai and reports were written by senior volunteers of Vanavasi Kalyana Karnataka organisation.

Unveiling the book, Director of Tribal Research Institute Dr T T Basavanagowda said that the government initiated several programmes for the empowerment of tribal communities. However, due to lack of awareness, many of welfare initiatives are not reaching out to the intended beneficiaries. It is thus the social responsibility of the civilised society to create awareness about the beneficiary schemes and take them to the next level.

In this regard there is a need to conduct research on various issues plaguing the tribal communities. Out of the total 740 scheduled tribes in the country, 50 communities reside in Karnataka, in which many of the tribes reside in the forests completely cut off from the civilized society, he said.

One of the tribal communities called ‘Katthodi Kathkal’ reside in the forest areas in Dandeli, Belagavi who are traditional wood cutters are treated like animals, he added.

Understanding their state of poverty, the government has been providing nutritional food for six months from past five years to the tribal communities. It is sad that people are not aware of such food policies, noted Basavanagowda.

He highlighted that the tribal communities can excel in any field if provided with education and accorded facilities due to other citizens.

The tribal research institute has identified about 23 microscopic tribal communities and have been taking steps to bring them into the mainstream of the society. In this regard, the NGOs and the civilised society have to join hands with the government to empower them, he urged.

Somayajulu, All India Organising Secretary for Vanavasi Kalyana Jashpur, Venkatesh Sagar, Regional Secretary for Vanavasi, CFTRI Director Ram Rajasekharan were present in the event.

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