Vistara Airlines mocks Air India over its Vegetarian meal policy

Prime News, Nation, New Delhi, July 11:- Tata’s private airline Vistara mocks Air India for its recent policy of serving only vegetarian meals to its economy class passengers on domestic flights, saying it will leave the choice to its passengers.

Vistara’s response came after the Air India announced the policy of serving only vegetarian meals to its economy passengers saying it will reduce the food wastage, cost, and improve catering service.

Air India spokesman GP Rao said that having only vegetarian meals in economy class will avoid mix-ups and that vegetarian meals are more in demand. However, budget flyers on Air India’s international flights will continue getting non-vegetarian food.
Senior Air India official on Monday said that the move to stop non-vegetarian meals on economy class will save the airline Rs 7 to 8 crore annually. Air India is burden with a whopping debt of over Rs 52,000 crore.
Back in 2013, the then chairman of Tata group Ratan Tata commented that Tata group would be very happy to look at Air India as and when Air India privatisation happens.

Air India which was launched in 1932 as Tata Airline by Tata Group chairman JRD Tata, post independence; it was renamed as Air India International in 1948 as a joint venture between the government and the private sector to start overseas services.

In 1953, the Indian government nationalise the aviation industry that brought the Air India under its control.

-(NAV, Inputs: Agencies)

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