Vote for Narendra Modi: Arch rival Siddaramaiah commits gaffe, laughs it off

Prime News, National (Bengaluru), May 8:- It’s the season of gaffes in Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018. After BJP president Amit Shah, incumbent state Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Tuesday made a hilarious blunder.

Speaking at a public rally in poll-bound Karnataka, Siddaramaiah accidentally alluded to Prime Minister Narendra Modi instead of referring to party candidate Narendra Swamy.

Speaking in Kannada, Siddaramaiah said that because of “Narendra Modi” there’s been development in villages.

“In these villages, all the work for the roads, drinking water, building houses, all of this has been possible because of Narendra Modi and us…,” said Siddaramaiah as tweeted by Times Now.

Immediately, Congress candidate Narendra Swamy, standing beside, interrupted to correct the Congress leader. “Sorry, Narendra Swamy,” But instead of a stunned or an embarrassing silence, the leaders on stage broke into a laughter and the crowd cheered on.

“The important word here is Narendra. The Swamy is here, the Modi is there in Gujarat…Narendra Modi is fiction, Narendra Swamy is the truth,” said Siddaramaiah.

Earlier in March, BJP president Amit Shah was caught on camera saying that ‘Yeddyurappa ran the most corrupt government ever’. He immediately corrected it.

A few days later, BJP MP Prahlad Joshi incorrectly translated Shah’s speech in Hindi to Kannada and said, “Narendra Modi sarkara badavaru mattu Dalitarige enu madalla (Narendra Modi will not do anything for the poor and Dalits).”

Karnataka Assembly elections are set to be held on May 12 in a single phase with counting on May 15.

Both Congress and BJP have been running high-pitched campaigns, in an effort to win power in the state. (MR, Inputs: Agencies).

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