National Voters’ Day celebrated at Nataraja Women’s FGC in Mysuru

Mysuru, January 25:- The 11th National Voters’ Day was organised at Sri Nataraja Women’s First Grade College here on Monday (January 25).

Talking on the occasion, college principal Dr M Sharada said, “Every year, Election Commission of India organises National Voters’ Day on January 25. In a democracy, voting plays an important role. Voting is our birthright and we need to select the right candidates based on their merit. Only then, our country will improve.”

She said, “It is unfortunate that educated people are staying away from elections. Never forget to cast your vote under any circumstances. Country’s growth is in voters’ hands.”

Lecturer Poornima H A said, “We need to exercise our franchise properly. We should elect the right candidates for the betterment of the country. Let us all take a pledge to cast our votes in a fair and right manner and help our democracy grow.”

College lecturers, heads of various departments and students were present on the occasion. (MR/GK)

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