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Walk to live long, run to live longer

By Brunda Nagraj

In 2018 July, Devi Prashant Shetty resigned from his well-paid job at one of the esteemed MNCs and dedicated his full-time towards his dream/passion ‘ODU RUNNING CLUB’. The club, being the brainchild of Shetty is a therapeutical space for many health freaks.   As a running enthusiast, it becomes quintessential to have greater levels of endurance to cover long distances within a short span of time. ODU Running Club finally came into existence in Feb 2019 to cater to the needs of running enthusiasts. It is now expanding its wings in new horizons.

With a holistic approach towards running, ODU has been successful in creating a group of elite runners. All their champions are podium finishers, marathon runners, short distance, endurance, and ultra runners, and this makes the founders extremely delightful. ODU offers a unique running experience by leveraging individual capabilities.

Yāna-The Heritage Ultra is a unique and major initiative of their esteemed Running Club, they aim to explore at endurance level of every individual. It all started over a casual chit-chat between two ultra-marathoners over a specific running location. After hours of conversation, finally, the duo arrived at a common conclusion of choosing a heritage site of Karnataka, untouched and less-known.

It was two birds one stone opportunity. Running to these sites gave the participants an insight into the glorious past of Karnataka’s rich heritage sites. With this initiative, the club also had an idea to contribute positively towards the development of state tourism too. Yãna is an event that starts from the capital city –Bengaluru and continues towards the chosen destination for a day or two as per the schedule.

The main intention of this run is to connect back to the roots and enjoy every second of the journey. As it is not just about the ‘Finish line’ or the winner, the event is coined as “A STALWARTS PATH”.  It is completely about patience, endurance, and perseverance that an individual displays throughout the event.

  • Yāna -E1 2020, the first edition of Yāna:

In 2020, the club started its glorious Yana event with 2 Ultra Runners, with the intention of covering 420 km for two days consistently. KattaleBasadi, a quaint village with massive temples and ruins from the 12th century in Barkuru- Udupi was the chosen destination.  The debut run was massively towards covering long distances in two days.

  • Yana – E2 – 2021

The second edition of Yana happened on 25th December 2021, with 11 runners. Markandeya Hills in the Kolar district was the chosen heritage site as it has a marvellous history related to the sage Markandeya. The runners were expected to cover a distance of 70 km by 6:30 PM.  The flag-off took place at 4:15 am at Vidhana Soudha, Bengaluru by Kothandapani, a well-known personality in the running fraternity – (Coach – Pacemakers), and Venkat, Managing Director – Titan. The Stalwarts ran together through the concrete jungles of Halasuru, KR Puram, and Hoskote beating the traffic and scorching hot sun. The event successfully came to an end when the runners made it to the destination at 6:00 PM. The tired faces, yet the smiling spirit said it all – They are “STALWARTS”. SPARTAN STUDIO & Global Ayurveda along with Kiran Electricals and Brooks, Energized by Fast Up stood by these champions supporting them throughout the event.


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